God’s Word, the Main Attraction

It is our desire at Choice Hills Baptist Church that God’s word, the Bible, take center stage. Every message is a exposition of the scriptures and principles shown from them. For it is by the scriptures that we can know its wonderful Author—God Himself.

We invite you to study God’s word with us in these recordings. We hope you are edified through them.

Current Sermon Series

Your Salvation Testimony

The Continuing Acts of Christ—A Study of the Book of Acts

Pastor Adam Wood · Acts 26:4–23 · June 9, 2024

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The Fool (Part 2)

Adult Sunday School: Proverbs—Tools for Life

Pastor Adam Wood · June 9, 2024

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Christ on Display in the Tabernacle (Part 5): The Altar of Burnt Offering

The Law of God

Pastor Adam Wood · Exodus 27:1–10 · June 12, 2024

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Full Sermon Archives

You can find the full archive of all of our available sermons at our site on Castos here. Also, all of our sermons are available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.