School of Evangelism

Our Lord, in His infinite wisdom, has chosen to commit the “word of reconciliation”—the propagation of the truth of the gospel—to the hands of His disciples. This is a solemn duty, for if His people do not accomplish this mission, the knowledge of Christ will not be spread. In our Sunday School series “School of Evangelism” we examine this responsibility and privilege by exploring case studies of gospel preaching in scripture, grappling with practical aspects of making the gospel known clearly, and informing ourselves on the most prevalent mental and spiritual strongholds that keep men blinded to the gospel. The goal of our study is to both equip and energize Christ’s disciples to make His name known all around us.

An Every-Christian Work (Part 3) / Essential Points of the Gospel (Part 1)

Pastor Adam Wood · July 21, 2024

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An Every-Christian Work (Part 2)

Pastor Adam Wood · July 14, 2024

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An Every-Christian Work (Part 1)

Pastor Adam Wood · July 7, 2024

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